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I hope that you enjoy looking at these images of Alice 21 as much as I enjoyed this VERY entertaining production, and I must mention that I am also VERY proud of my daughter Jaci - the Choreographer.

About Alice 21;
This spectacular contemporary musical adventure was commissioned and produced by the Brisbane Festival 2008. It was performed in an area behind Judith Wright’s Centre of Contemporary Arts at Fortitude Valley in Brisbane on the evenings of July 31st – August 2nd.

Alice 21 was Written and Directed by the very talented and clever colaboration of Stephen Rowan and Linda Hassall.

Guy Webster the Composer/Musical Director did a fantastic job, and entire musical production was very professional and of a very high quality, considering the challenges the open air venue presented.

The Leading Roles were performed by;
Peter Cossar – Cheshire Cat and the Tweedles
Kathy Burns – Alice
Dan Eady - Cheshire Cat and the Tweedles
Simon Clarke – White Rap-it
Elizabeth Ross – Queen of Hearts

The Creative Team;
Jo Currey – Lighting Designer
Alanah Walker – Designer
Michelle Mackie – Designer
Freddy Komp – Multimedia Designer
Jaci Fawdon – Choreographer
Musicians – Sallie Campbell, Travis Ellem, Micheal Squire with Guy Webster and Liz Ross

Griffith University Playmaking students: Alix Lencz, Christina Sanderson, Haidee Gaudry, Daniel Grey, Jaclyn Webb, Jasmin Proctor, Kate Larkin, Kate Pryor, Katherine Usherwood, Kelly Cox, Kylie Hill, Laura Rissman, Laura Sheppard, Liz Orr, Maria Negrepontis, Mercedes Porter, Natasha Dennis, Nesha Stainer, Rhiannon Moushall, Samantha Castelijn, Shae Westerveld, Skye Gordon, Tamara Dahmen, Taryn Madeley, Tim Holstein, Wendy VanDerMerwe, Yazmin Firkins, Lisa Boyle and Rex Verdin.

Production Staff;
Lisa Boyle – Assistant Stage Manager
Maria Cleary – Site Designer
Wendy Gava – Producer
Marcel Micola von Furstenrecht – Technical Manager
Bernd Neumann – Site Manager
Sarah Ponturo – Stage Manager
Rex Verdin – Assistant Stage Manager

I hope that you enjoy looking at these images and look forward to seeing any comments you choose to leave.

Candid images such as these do not always show people at their best and so if there are any images that you would like removed from the gallery, just send me an email; [email protected] and I will ensure that it is removed.

Thank you again for visiting my gallery....

Kind Regards
Steve Fawdon - Photographer
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